360 Photo Booth Hire Liverpool

What is the most common thing that you notice apart from food and music in almost any party that you attend? It’s that the guests are busy taking photos. In this era of social media, almost everyone wants to take photos and share them on their Facebook, Instagram or Tik-Toxk profiles. If you also have an event coming up, you can take the fun of capturing photos to the next level by hiring a 360 photo booth.

In fact, a 360 photo booth is the latest trend in parties where you can capture both unique photos and record videos with fun props. It consists of an all-in-one setup where guests can enter one by one or in groups and use the props to capture funny videos and photos for their social media posts. At Ace 360 Photo Booth, we provide this service at pocket-friendly prices to make your party in Liverpool a grand success.

What makes our Liverpool 360 photo booth different?

Our 360 photo booth can elevate the excitement at your party. If you are looking for ways to keep your guests engaged, our 360 camera photo booth or 360-degree photo booth can come to your rescue. Here’s how:

360 photo booth fun

● All-in-one setup

Our 360 photo booths are not just for taking photos. They provide an all-round experience to your guests where they can take selfies, portraits, gif videos, or simple and casual videos. You can choose from a range of props, setups, and designs to liven up the party. The setup will also come with options to capture slow-mo videos. We have also 360 frozen photo booth features where the cameras will click photos in a single movement and instantly create animated gifs. Overall, our 360 photo booth Liverpool setups won’t disappoint you and will make your party one your guests won’t soon forget.

● Innovative camera movements

Isn’t it fascinating to think about what you would do if you could be a celebrity for a day? Even if that dream doesn’t come true immediately, you can still feel like a celeb with our 360 camera booths. For example, our 360 spinning camera captures your photos from every possible angle, giving you a feeling of being followed by the paparazzi. Imagine how much time the guests would spend in the photo booth if they come to know about these features. All they have to do is strike different poses as the camera spins.

Unlike conventional photo booths where you have to set up cameras from different angles to get a 360-degree effect, our spinning photo booths are completely different. Our setup doesn’t require you to set up multiple cameras. Instead, the setup comes with a spinning wheel where a camera will move slowly to capture different poses. It will freeze-shot the poses from different angles and finally provide a 3D image.

● Additional decor items

The best part about our 360 photo booths available for rent in Liverpool is that they don’t look like typical photo booths at all. They can easily become a part of your party’s decor as we can customise the setup to match the theme of your event. Whether it’s a winter carnival, a birthday party, or an annual office function, we have got you covered. The photo booth will look as if it’s a part of your party’s decoration, unlike other photo booths that look out of place.

Ace 360 Photo Booth even customises the background of the photos according to your requirements. For example, if you have a jungle-themed party, we can make the background look like a forest. Although it may cost slightly more, we assure you that your money will be worth spending, especially with the quality of customisation that we provide.

● Instant sharing feature

Your guests will not have to wait for the party to be over before asking for photos from you. Our 360 photo booth can share photos and videos instantly with your guests. They can click the photos and directly upload them on their social media profiles using our instant share feature.

Previously, people had to wait for weeks for their guests to get their photos from photographers before emailing them to the respective guests. We don’t believe in waiting or making your guests wait. At Ace 360 Photo Booth, we feel that guests should be able to decide then and there whether they want to share their photos on social media or not. With a range of filters and props available, they can edit their photos and upload them within a few minutes. No more waiting for weeks to get the images from you!

Rent, buy or hire a 360 camera booth in Liverpool

Ace 360 Photo Booth doesn’t force you to buy anything. We give you three options: you can either rent, buy, or hire our photo booths depending on your requirement. Every year, we rent our photo booths to various customers spread over Liverpool. They may have a party that they expect to last for at least 6 to 8 hours. We recommend that you rent the photo booth for at least an extra hour because you never know how engrossed the guests may become while taking photos and recording videos.

On the other hand, if you want to keep our photo booths for a few days but don’t have plans to buy them, you can hire one from us. This is quite common when you have back-to-back parties at your place. Christmas is the busiest time of the year for us since people have parties for days at their houses. If you have a Christmas theme in mind and want to continue with that theme until New Year, you can hire one of our Christmas-themed photo booths. We will send a team to deliver the photo booth to your house and even collect it once you finish your party.

Finally, we also have 360 photo booths for sale in Liverpool. This is suitable if you can decorate the photo booth according to the different themes of your parties. It is also a cost-effective option if you don’t want to rent a photo booth frequently. You can check some of our photo booths that come in various sizes and props. Pick one that you think will suit your budget and won’t cover a lot of space in your house.

Things to remember

Now that you know the factors that set us apart from any other ordinary 360 photo booth hire company, you should also keep in mind a few things that will help you enjoy our photo and video booths even more.

1. Things included in our package

You may have a question regarding what we will provide in our 360 photo booth rental package. Here’s a list that should clear your doubts:

● A fully-customised 360 photo booth

● 2 uniformed attendants who will help your guests take photos, videos, and share them on their social media profiles

● Share photos and videos instantly via email

● Capture unlimited photos and videos with customised logos and messages

● Delivery and set up in any city in the UK. We will also take down the setup once you finish your party.

2. Optional items in our package

Our photo booths also have various optional items that you can add to make photos and videos look better. Following are the optional items that you can hire at additional costs:

● Prop box containing tons of unique and funny props

● Special effects to give a different look to your photos

● Cloud storage facility so that you can save your photos for a lifetime

● Custom-branded platform

● Additional hours to rent the photo booth in case your party lasts longer than you expect

3. Our requirements

We need a few things from your end so that we can ensure that the photo booth works smoothly during your party.

● A 240-V main socket that will keep the lights, spinning platform, and special effects going.

● You should allow us to set up the photo booth before your party starts. It may take up to an hour, so allow us to enter the venue beforehand.

● If you are planning an outdoor party, make sure you provide proper cover for the photo booth from rain, storm, or snow.

● A stable WiFi connection to allow guests to share their photos and videos instantly.

Why choose Ace 360 Photo Booth?

Liverpool, being such a vibrant and busy city, has competition in almost every industry, and we are no exception. So why should you choose us over other service providers? Here are a few reasons why:

● We have the widest range of photo booths that suit almost every theme that you can think of. If we don’t have the particular theme, we will customise it for you before your party.

● Our excellent customer service sets us apart. From the moment you call us to disassembling the photo booth from your venue after the party, we ensure that you don’t have to worry about anything.

● Our reasonable rates don’t burn a hole in your pocket. We don’t even charge a fortune if you want to keep the photo booth at your party for a few more hours. With prices starting at just £400, we are confident that you will find our rates budget-friendly.

● We have already catered to hundreds of parties, weddings, and events with a huge success rate.

At Ace 360 Photo Booth, we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. If you want a photo booth for your party, take a look at our available photo and video booths. We are confident that once you see them, you will pick up your phone and dial our number.